Talk Given in the Greening Ceremony at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution of the University of the Queensland

In my understanding, Buddhism is a multi-cultural social education. Today, we would say that Shakyamuni Buddha was the founder of multi-cultural social education, a true social volunteer. His goal was to help sentient beings understand the true reality of life and the universe, to treat everyone equally, to co-exist harmoniously, and to live in mutual cooperation with all others.

A Critical Moment that Can Change Heaven and Earth!
For All Lovers of Peace -- "Let Us Pray Together for World Peace"

We believe that the majority of people in this world do not want this war. Then why couldn't we stop it from happening? We couldn't stop it because the people of this world all share in this common karma. If we want to survive this tragedy, all peace loving and kind people throughout the world should join together.

Speech for the Opening Ceremony of the Multi-Faith Centre at Griffith University Given by Venerable Master Chin Kung 23 May 2002

Today our world is filled with natural disasters and man-made disasters. Our situation is critical. Therefore, it has become crucial to unite all religions and ethnicities.

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