These three foundations are as significant as all the classics of the three schools

Professor Qijia Guo of The Beijing Teachers’ University stated that some contemporary college students, postgraduates, and intellects do not treasure and admire traditional Chinese cultural classics any more. They are “good at science while neglecting the study of humanity, good at computers while leaving their heart and mind untrained, good at the Internet while ignoring human interactions, good at selecting commodities while ignoring basic etiquette and morality, good at power struggles while disregarding the pursuit of self-cultivation.” I am very much concerned about the current trends. How can we change this situation?

Moreover, in the world today, all nations are facing three universal confrontations; human versus. human, human versus nature, and the human body versus the human heart. How can we resolve these confrontations and conflicts? Does the human race have any hope for a brighter future? Where can we go from here?



Established date: 03/06/10